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“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” 
 - Ramana Maharshi - 


Yoga practice has its roots in ancient India. The word yoga come from sanskrit and means "union".
To live and experience “union” is what the practice of Yoga aim for. Yoga is an inner state of being that we see as natural for all of us, but may be forgotten and hidden through our minds workings. The yoga tradition provides us with various tools that may aid on the path of experiencing this true natural self.


From May to September we have evening classes at the Blue Mountain Hall.

Currently Johanne has a break from teaching yoga, spending the time with little daughter Alva. Johanne also has focus on self practice for a while before she will continue to share courses and classes.

Frank will be ready to share classes form spring/early summer.

More info about these classes soon.



The different practical yoga tools consist among other things of a variety of
ethical principles and studies,
physical positions (asanas),
breathing techniques,
methods for deep relaxation and consentration,
as well as self enquiery and philosophy.
All these help us to balance the gross/physical to the subtle/mental aspects of our being, and prepare us to go deeper in our experiences, knowledge and to allow stillness.
Yogapractice is a vast and deep tradition and body of knowledge, and the experiences must come forth through practical experience. Even if many associate yoga with the practice of yoga positions these days, there is so much more to explore, study and discover.
Yoga practice may lead to balance in different levels, and make us conscious about what has been in the unconscious. 
Learn more on the link under.


When we dive into the practice of yoga, the ocean of knowledge and experience is endless, there is constant change and new discoveries to be found, both for health and for our experience of life and this world.