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Retreats & Courses 2019

For the 2019 season we are grateful to have a beautiful group of dedicated and openhearted teachers who will visit us to share their gifts, perhaps with you?
We hope that many people feel called to come here into the nature of the fjord-valley with us, - to learn and to grow, to have new experiences together with others.

Frank & Johanne have a break from sharing retreat this summer, as we choose to focus this precious time with our little daughter Alva. But later we are back for gatherings and courses.



Inspirasjonshelg i Yoga Blåfjellshallen med Frank & Johanne –

28 & 29. September samlast vi til Inspirasjonshelg i Yoga i Blåfjellshallen på Melkevoll Bretun. Helga blir lagt opp til eit mini-retreat der vi nyter dei helg i vakre haustfargar saman, finn roen og lader opp.

Les meir om denne helga her.



with Bjørn Løken
April 27-28

We start off the 2019 season with a course in how to play gong with the professional musician Bjørn Arne Løken.
We gather under the glaciers and mountains, in the Blue Mountain Hall at Melkevoll Bretun. In the beautiful spring time we explore the powerful gongs, with their tones and frequencies and how they affect us on various levels. This weekend we will have a meditative concert with a gong bath open for all on Saturday evening, as well as a QiGong class with Maria Løken. In this course you will learn how to play Gong, and how to include these instruments in your existing therapautic practice, yoga or qigong.


with Jean Manuel Nadeau
Module 1 - May 1-7
Module 2 - May 9-15

Biodynamic Touch is for everyone interested in learning about healing presence, perceiving from the heart, and the power of non-invasive touch. Jean-Manuel Nadeau is a highly skilled Craniosacral therapist and teaches this class in a truly intuitive and sensitive way, which creates a space for deep learning & healing. Last years training was highly appriciated by the participants!
Module 1 focuses on developing perceptual and relational skills, anchoring your awareness in the biodynamic approach.
Module 2 further deepen the practice of module 1 and brings us on a journey through anatomy and integrating within ourselves our own physiology of membrane, diaphragm and cranium.


with Tove Iren Kvanmo
May 31 - June 2

Are you a mother, a father, a teacher, a kindergarten employee or otherwise have children in your everyday life?
Do you want to learn techniques that help children master today's stressful society? Then this course is for you.

Join me on a weekend full of yoga play and lessons, where I introduce you to my book; “Eventyrreisen, yoga for children” (The Adventure trip). You will learn how to lead a yoga class for children, as well as how to use yoga tools in the children's lives. The main elements are: breathing, tuning in, warming up, yoga adventures, meditation and tuning out. You do not need any prior knowledge of yoga.


with Anna Sunesson & Anna Asplund
August 10-17

Yatra Yogaresor:
”We invite you to a wonderful week of yoga and hiking among magnificent mountains in the vicinity of Stryn in western Norway. The retreat is permeated by daily yoga classes, meditation, contemplation and community.
A large part of the experience is of course the surroundings, which in addition to the mountains also include waterfalls, a glacier, a fjord and a turquoise blue lake. During the days there will be plenty of time to explore nature as lunch consists of a food package to take out on a trip. We also have access to the sauna and ice baths. And of course, you can also just relax and enjoy the beautiful view, the clear air and the silence.”