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About us

Welcome out into the nature with us and to explore various practices and treatments for health, growth and developement. During the summer season we hold yogaclasses, host retreats, courses and workshops as well as offer treatments at the inner end of Oldedalen in Stryn, Norway.

We look forward to meeting you! 
/ Johanne & Frank




I grew up in between the mountains and glaciers in Oldedalen. Early on I dreamt about traveling the world and explore foreign cultures, traditions and places. 
Since the end of high school I also explored various philosophies and yogic practices, and I started to practice various techniques, and tested on myself how my feelings and mind works. Spontaneous experiences and shifts inspired me to go on journeys, seek out teachers, to learn and discover more. 

In University I studied pedagogy, history, social anthropology, language and literature. I have been a teacher in primary and high school for several years, and I also shared yogaclasses with colleagues and students at this time. 
Since my first yoga class around 2000 I have mostly been exploring classical yoga, yoga nidra, philosophies and ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Since 2007 I have shared classes and courses both in school and later also in yoga studios and through Yoga Nordfjord. The later years I have held courses, workshops and co- created retreats in the nature in Oldedalen. 

Over the years I have been fortunate to study and learn from senior teachers in yogic knowledge and practices, both in Norway and around the globe. I feel the whole life is included in the practices and find it impossible to put yoga into any box or attach it to any person or just a few branches of the "tree". For me the whole of these methods and insights inspires. 

Since 2012 I have went through deep changes in all areas of my life, and various experiences lead me into a change of direction. I moved from the city to live in nature, slow down the pace of my life, and allow a new approach to the various methods I had practiced so far. Since then I have, together with the yoga added studies like craniosacral therapy, therapies as well as educations in the medicine wheel.
I also enjoy living a more free and creative lifestyle, with music, painting, dance, as well as writing that has always been a important part of my life. 
I have now settled in the nordic roots again, where I live with my little family, my man Frank Alexander and our beloved daughter Alva Simone.



Towards the end of 2010, my life took a big turn when I received my first water massage treatment (Watsu). In combination with yoga, it became an awakening, and I immediately understood that I needed to move on in a new direction. I spent several years traveling where I devoted myself to deepening in yoga & meditation. I also started to learn different healing methods & treatments and slowly started to share therapautic treatments with others.

The most instructive and influential courses have been Watsu and Healing Dance (aquatic bodywork), traditional Hatha yoga in India, Sama Yoga in Bali and Inner Dance in the Philippines. Which led me to Craniosacral Therapy, something that for me has been deeply healing and transformational, and that I have continuously studied and given treatments since. In Sweden, I have deepened myself in shamanic healing methods, which contributed to grounding and maturity in my exploration and in knowing myself.

Kitesurfing was a true passion for many years before yoga and healing came into my life, and it is essential for me to spend time in nature. A lot of inspiration comes by expressing myself creatively, by playing & creating music, dancing and writing. Cooking has become another big interest, I really like to create natural healthy foods, something I've been sharing at our Yoga & Mountain retreats since the start in 2015.

So now I've found my way back to Scandinavia, where my two loves, Johanne & Alva, and I live close to nature, surrounded by mountains, glaciers & waterfalls. Here I’m providing treatments, co-creating retreats & courses, co-managing a camp site, sharing yoga and enjoying life!
I wish that I can continue sharing everything that has had a deep impact in my own life, to support others in their exploration and inspire to joy and health.